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The platform for exchanging plans between end customers, retailers and manufacturers

The furncloud offers you the opportunity to save your plans and access them at any time. Using a uniquely generated cloud ID, you can quickly and easily call up plans in the cloud history.

The planning can also be sent to furniture manufacturers using a cloud ID. You can easily send queries and orders to the manufacturer and discuss them.

We offer you complete security by using a secure connection that meets the requirements of the GDPR. Your Cloud ID does not transmit any personal data or calculation factors are transmitted. Also, only corresponding manufacturers and you can open the Cloud ID.

Over 43,000 furncloud uploads are processed every day, which simplifies
simplifies order entry and reduces errors.

The advantages summarized:


Please set up an exception for the entire “furnplan” folder in the virus scanner to prevent the performance and security. This applies to the local installation path, e.g. “C:Program Files (x86)FurnPlan” or the server UNC path “z. B. server01FurnPlan”. The following ports and domains should be stored as exceptions in the firewall: – The http ports 80 and 443 – – – – – – –
Our provider is Hetzner. Server locations can be found here: Our current furncloud server is located in data center 21 in the data center park Falkenstein.
Yes, we use AES 256 encryption. In addition, the Data exchange via HTTPS over an SSL/TLS-secured connection.
HTTP ports 80 and 443 for connections to the Internet are used for encrypted communication. required and must be released. Care should also be taken to ensure that access to the following domains is possible: Our Furncloud: (Port 443) Domains of the certification authority (CA) “Let’s Encrypt” used by us (Port 80 and 443): Access to the certification authority is necessary because Windows runs in the background. occasionally checks the validity of SSL certificates.
No prices or end customer data are transmitted.
Up to approx. 1 year.
These are on average between 20-100 KB.
Currently, only the encrypted DHP file (the planning file) is transferred to the cloud with the information about who uploaded it and which furniture manufacturers exist in the planning. The latter limits the download option to the furniture manufacturers existing in the planning.
No, if the cloud is not accessible, nothing is entered there.
We try to interrupt the operation of the cloud as little as possible. Updates are therefore postponed according to priority to times when as few users as possible are online.
We do our utmost to prevent downtime. But you and we are also dependent on providers and network providers.